Each week our co-host, Justin Soderberg, visits Galactic Comics and Collectibles in Bangor, Maine to pick-up his comics. Here is a look at what Justin is expected to grab this week, including Spider-Punk #1 from Marvel Comics.

Other books Justin will get this week include Alice Ever After #1, Black Widow #15, She-Hulk #3, Moon Knight #10, Rocketeer The Great Race #1, Walking Dead Deluxe #36, Scorched #4, Fire Power #19 and so much more!

Read more about Spider-Punk #1 by writer Cody Ziglar and artist Justin Mason.

Galactic Comics and Collectibles is located at 547 Hammond Street, Bangor, Maine.

What is a Pull List?

A pull list is an agreement for reservation of particular comic books each week/month between a customer and the retailer. It’s a helpful system as it creates a means for all comics you read regularly to be reserved so you will not miss out on any issues.

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