#27: Ryan Lessard – Sentinel Comic Book

This week on Capes and Tights, Justin Soderberg welcomes comic book creator and writer Ryan Lessard, to the program!

Lessard is the creator and writer of the comic book series, THE SENTINEL. The saga has released the first two issues via Kickstarter and has been funded for the third issue, due out in the Spring 2022.

Sentinel’s first two issues had art done by Jethro Morales and colors by Dash Martin. The third issue sees the addition of a new artist Javi Laparra and colorist Luiz Zavala.

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The Sentinel Synopsis

Our story follows the crew of an insignificant fleet ship called the OAA Redstone, crewed by misfits in the space-based society known as the Orion Arm Authority, which has been at war with a savage alien superpower called the Ajex Imperium for nearly 30 years.

A jaded reporter (also an alien refugee trying to earn her Orion citizenship) named Saras Vedi is embedded on the Redstone after an attack sets in motion an investigation into a new threat to the space-faring republic.

Over time, she learns the ship is crewed by members of marginalized alien species trying to earn their Orion citizenship, not unlike herself. Reluctant to take the assignment at first, she soon learns the uniqueness of the ship’s crew is its greatest strength.

Meanwhile, the crew tries to figure out the origins of a mysterious human child. And looming in deep space is a legendary danger that could threaten to destroy both Orion and the Ajex.

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