About Us

Comic book lovers take on the photography and videography world while probably not wearing either Capes or Tights. Capes and Tights is a photography/videography business focusing on Weddings and Family shoots with a bit of travel and rock climbing thrown in there.
While the name has very little to do with any of the things that the business is for it is something that reflects on the personality of the two owners who have more often than not been a little too obsessed with comics.

This small business is run by two best friends who have both been kissed by Japanese bowing deer.
First up is Mel lover of batman, bright outrageous colours and pursuer of many creative adventures in which you could visit Hey Okay Saturday to see even more of!
Up next is Jenny who is currently in her last year of her bachelor of Graphic Design at the University of Canberra she digs comics loving all of those Robins, digging through tumblr, and adventures with friends/family.



Pricing and Contact

We love to capture memories either by photography or videography, be it your wedding day, a new little one has been brought into your life or you just want to hang with us while we take pictures of you rock climbing!

Wedding Packages

Photography packages start at $1000
You will get 6-8 hours of coverage and 600 – 800 fully edited photos
Videography packages start at $800
You will get a short film mashing all of your moments (6-8 hours) down to 3-5 minutes to a song of your choice.
If you are after a full day coverage in a documentary style give us a shout with the contact form and we will get in touch to discuss pricing.

Couples + Family

Photography packages start at $200
You will get 1-2 hours of coverage with 50-100 fully edited photos
Videography packages start at $200
A day in your life (1-2 hours of coverage) cut down to 3-5 minutes to a song of your choice


We are always up for new adventures if you have a project that is in need of photos or videography (the non adult only kind of project we will probably draw the line there) then give us a buzz!


We will travel to any location however note that this is extra, and if you book us for both your photography and videography needs we will give you a discount on your total price.