Author: Justin Soderberg


Not What You’d Expect in Plush #1

When Plush #1 was described as “serial-killing, cannibalistic furries” it was a must-add to our pull list. However, it was not what we expected.

Holiday Reading Gifts

#69: Holiday Reading Gifts

This week on the Capes and Tights Podcast, Gibran Graham of The Briar Patch joins the discussion to chat holiday reading gifts for the bookworm in your life.

The Beauty

The Beauty Comic Book Series is a…Beauty

First launched in 2016, The Beauty at Image Comics is a beautiful look into the superficial world and the extents people will go to in order to be considered good looking.


Spirited: Unique Twist on Christmas Classic

There have been a number of films over the years adapting the Charles Dickens novella, A Christmas Carol, but for better or for worse 2022’s Spirited takes it to another level.

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