Paranoid Gardens #1: A Bizarre, Fresh and Intriguing First Issue

Paranoid Gardens by Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, and Chris Weston is a fresh and intriguing story that left me wanting the next issue immediately.

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Anansi Boys #1: A Beautiful Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Work

Anansi Boys at Dark Horse Comics gives longtime fans a new format to enjoy their beloved story while also allowing new fans…

Battle For Light and Life in Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Phase III Collections

Dark Horse Books and Lucasfilm Publishing present the latest adventures from a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: The High Republic…

The Headless Horseman Returns…and This Year, He’s Coming for You!

Like the urban legends and folklore frights of yore, the Headless Horseman is returning to haunt you once more! Dark Horse Comics…

Celebrate Halloween with The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos: Halloween Special

Dark Horse Comics and Tiny Onion present The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos: Halloween Special, a fantastically frightful 48-page one-shot issue.

Cartoonists Against Racism Graphic Novel Echoes Themes of Juneteenth

Cartoonists Against Racism uncovers the secret campaign to flood America’s newspapers, classrooms, and union halls with anti-racist comics and cartoons.

Dark Horse Comics Presents Where Monsters Lie: Cull-De-Sac

Slashers always come back for more, so it should be no surprise that Wilmurst and all its residents will return in Where…

Join the Fight for Freedom in Imbokodo

Embark on a thrilling Afrofuturistic journey in Imbokodo, a new creator-owned series coming soon from Dark Horse Comics.


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