#92: Dan Panosian

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On Episode 92 of the Capes and Tights Podcast, Justin Soderberg welcomes Dan Panosian to the show to discuss Black Tape, Alice Ever After and more! Panosian is comic book artist and writer, with extensive credits as both a penciller and an inker and has additional credits as an advertising and storyboard artist.


Dan Panosian has worked on Alpha Flight, Astonishing X-Men, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Magneto, Marvel Tales, Savage Sword of Conan, Thor, The Uncanny X-Men, Web of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Wonder Man at Marvel Comics. At Image Comics Panosian has illustrated Spawn, Pitt, Prophet, Savage Dragon and more.


Recently Dan Panosian has created the likes of Black Tape at AWA Studios and Alice Ever After at BOOM! Studios. The latter is getting a followup series entitled Alice Never After in 2023.


About Dan Panosian’s Black Tape


Jack King was a rock’n’roll god who projected a stage persona on par with the devil. After Jack dies on stage, his widow, Cindy, grapples with grief and struggles to protect his legacy, unaware that she is being surrounded by dark forces that covet the master tapes to Jack’s final, unreleased album – a heavy metal masterpiece that just might open a doorway to hell.


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