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Black Tape #1: Unraveling the Mystery of Jack King

Black Tape is a tale of a mysterious and powerful rock star, who has an album that just might open the gates of hell, life just ended on stage.

4 out of 5

#76: Daniel Kraus

This week on the Capes and Tights Podcast, Justin Söderberg welcomes Daniel Kraus to the show to discuss his comic book series Year Zero, Vol. 0.

Capes and Tights Podcast Capes and Tights Podcast

Trojan #1 Gives Us Violence, Torture and Death

Trojan #1, the latest release from Daniel Kraus and AWA Studios, is fantasy thriller full of wonder and horror in equal measure.

3.5 out of 5

Year Zero, Vol. 0 #1 Gives More to the Story

Year Zero has been a highlight in the world of horror comics over the past few years and this continues with Year Zero, Vol. 0 #1 from AWA Studios.

4 out of 5