Book Club: Naughty List

This month for the Galactic Comics and Collectibles Book Club we read Naughty List from writer Nick Santora and artist Lee Ferguson published by Aftershock Comics.

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Bulls of Beacon Hill #1: A Powerful Tale of Father and Son

Aftershock's latest series, Bulls of Beacon Hill takes us on a journey of a son struggling to make a name for himself…

5 Favorite Comic Book Publishers of 2022

In addition to the big two of Marvel and DC, there are hundreds more comic book publishers printing comics these days. However,…

Justin Soderberg Comics

Naughty List is Unique Twist on Classic Story

With many years of classic Christmas stories it is refreshing to get a unique take like in AfterShock Comics' The Naughty List.

Couldn’t Ask For More With The ’06 Protocol #1

Government conspiracies, coverups, and shadow organizations with an amazing story and art has us in awe over the first issue of The…

Justin Soderberg Aftershock Comics

Last Line #1 Goes Off The Rails

Was he pushed or did he jump? That is the question in Last Line #1 where what seems to be a normal…

Will A Calculated Man Add Up?

A Calculated Man is not perfect, but is definitely off to a promising start with issue one from AfterShock Comics.

Great First Issue of There’s Something Wrong with Patrick Todd

There is supposed to be something wrong with Patrick Todd, but we see nothing wrong with the first issue of writer Ed…


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