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Josif 1957 #1: The Soviet Union’s Biggest Secret Finally Revealed!

CEX Publishing prepares for Josif 1957 #1, Seven Years In Darkness #2 and The First Three to hit shelves at local comic book shops.

Capes and Tights PR Capes and Tights PR

Mise En Place, Sereno #3, Seven Years in Darkness Ashcan coming from CEX in April

As the global population grows and the demand for food increases, humanity looks to other sources for food, including space in Mise En Place.

Capes and Tights PR Capes and Tights PR

Saga of a Doomed Universe #1 Nails Meta 1980s Comic Nostalgia

Comic book printing has improved leaps and bounds over the years, but in Saga of a Doomed Universe #1 the creative team heads back to the 1980s for a vintage feel.

2.5 out of 5

Seven Years In Darkness: The Academy of Black Magic is Now Open!

Seven Years In Darkness will be published quarterly in a four-issue miniseries. The first issue will go on sale March 2023.

Justin Soderberg Justin Soderberg

CEX Releasing Schmalke’s Seven Years In Darkness

Joseph Schmalke's newest creation is heading to CEX Publishing for release in 2023. The series, Seven Years In Darkness, was written, illustrated and colored by Schmalke.

Justin Soderberg Justin Soderberg