Night People #1: A Blood-Splattered Romance

Brace yourselves for the unapologetic, visceral tale that is Night People—where violence meets vogue and the spark of love ignites a brutal blaze.

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Blasfamous #1: A Sensational Symphony of Sound and Sin

Blasfamous is beautifully unique and well-written, but the true excitement lies in the visual masterpiece that Blasfamous is.

Justin Soderberg

Creepshow: Wolverton Station #1 – A Terrifying Tale by Joe Hill

Creepshow fans, hold on to your hats as Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella, and Michael Walsh bring you a spine-chilling tale in their

Justin Soderberg

The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – A Journey Through Concept Art and Creator Commentary

What goes into creating such an immersive video game experience? That's where The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes in.

Justin Soderberg

#151: Vladimir Popov

This week on the Capes and Tights Podcast, Justin Soderberg welcomes Vladimir Popov to the program to discuss his work on Where Monsters Lie and

Capes and Tights Podcast

Blue Book 1947 #1: Back with Real-World Encounters

Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming, Blue Book 1947 takes you on a journey through the strange

Justin Soderberg

The Displaced #1: Vanished Without a Trace in Outstanding Debut Issue

The Displaced is bound to be one of our favorite comic books of 2024 and it's only February. The premise of a

Justin Soderberg

If You Find This, I’m Already Dead #1: A Cosmic Odyssey in Pulp Format

If You Find This, I'm Already Dead #1 is worth the grab for anyone who loves sci-fi. With its engaging storytelling, well-designed

Justin Soderberg
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MORE FROM Independent Comics

A Nostalgic Adventure in ThunderCats #1

For those who grew up watching the animated series, ThunderCats, the release of a new comic series is sure to stir up some excitement.

Justin Soderberg

The Cabinet #1: Get Your Trapper Keepers Ready!

The Cabinet is an exuberant beginning to what promises to be a series as impressive as the cabinet's powers. The Cabinet #1 hits local comic shops on February 14, 2024 from

Justin Soderberg

U & I #1: A Love Story Amidst the Chaos

U & I stands out as a wonderful addition to the Resistance Universe. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, with artwork by Mike Choi, this series focuses on an unlikely love

Taylor Jordan

Experience the Thrills of Cemetery Kids Don’t Die #1

Cemetery Kids Don't Die stands out as a brilliant example of a comic book that combines story and art magnificently. Zac Thompson and Daniel Irizarri craft a world that is immersive,

Justin Soderberg

Prepare to Taste the Flavor of Fear in The Butcher’s Boy

Dark Horse Comics presents a classic slasher/psychotropic folk horror story to sink your teeth into in The Butcher’s Boy.

Capes and Tights PR
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