Co-Founders Justin Soderberg (left) and Adam Morrisette (right) along with Dana Snyder.

Founded in August 2021, Capes and Tights is dedicated to bringing you news, reviews and opinions on all things pop culture. What started as a weekly podcast grew into a large collection of coverage in the wide world of comic books, movies, television, books and more. We are here to celebrate the things we love and share our thoughts with you all.

Our podcast, aptly named the Capes and Tights Podcast, releases every Wednesday on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify and a video option on YouTube. Each week co-founder Justin Soderberg welcomes a guest creator from the world of comic books, books, television, movies or related industry. Occasionally, Soderberg is joined by Paul Eaton of Galactic Comics and Collectibles to discuss a fringe comic book movie.

Capes and Tights Staff

Justin Soderberg, Co-Founder/Editor-in-ChiefJustin Soderberg, Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Born and raised in New England, Justin Soderberg currently resides in Orrington, Maine with his wife Taylor and two kids Nova and Riley. Soderberg is trained as a graphic artist serving as Creative Director for a brewery in Maine.¬†Soderberg started his career in media covering sports in Massachusetts. He has been on the beat for the UMass Lowell River Hawks, Lowell Spinners, Hockey East, PGA, Boston Bruins, MMA/UFC, and many more. Now, Soderberg’s main goal is to bring you the best possible pop culture coverage with all his effort.