Capes and Tights was derived from The Maine State of Mind Podcast, which was founded in 2016 under the name Just Another Podcast.


Justin Soderberg would host specific episodes featuring comic book related topics every few weeks with episodes based on the State of Maine in between. As the podcast grew, Soderberg realized he need to spin-off the comic book segments into new podcast, Capes and Tights was born.


When Capes and Tights launched in 2021, Adam Morrisette joined Soderberg as co-host of the weekly podcast. However, Morrisette had to step away from the podcast and now Soderberg is joined by Paul Eaton, Gibran Graham or guest co-hosts each week.


As Capes and Tights grew, we added news, opinions and more to the website creating a one-stop shop for comic and geek culture information.


Over the years we have hosted comic creators Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs at Image), Stephen Graham Jones (Earthdivers at IDW and NYT best selling author), Jonathan Hedrick (The Recount at Scout), Ben Bishop (TMNT: The Last Ronin at IDW), Chrissy Williams & Lauren Knight (Golden Rage at Image), Matthew Klein & Morgan Beem (Crashing at IDW), Jeremy Haun (The Approach at Boom! Studios). and Joseph Schmalke (Seven Years In Darkness at CEX); authors Douglas Wolk (All of the Marvels and NYT best selling author), Jeremy Dauber (American Comics: A History of Comics), and Ian Rosenberg (Free Speech Handbook); podcast hosts David Harper (Sktchd.com / Off Panel Podcast) and Kyle Schonewill & Robby Earle (The Friends From Work Podcast); tv show runner Eliza Clark (Y: The Last Man); voice actor Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and many more.

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