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The Beauty

The Beauty Comic Book Series is a…Beauty

First launched in 2016, The Beauty at Image Comics is a beautiful look into the superficial world and the extents people will go to in order to be considered good looking.

Flawed #1

Violence and Corruption In ‘Flawed #1’

The creative team behind Flawed #1 don’t beat around the bush with the flawed judicial system and corruption featured in their debut issue at Image Comics.

Impact Winter #1

Pull List: Impact Winter #1 and more!

Each week I head to Galactic Comics and Collectibles in Bangor, Maine to grab my comic selection. The pull list this week features a number of books, but most excited for Impact Winter #1 from Image Comics. It’s been one year since a comet hit Earth and blotted out the sun.

Public Domain

‘Public Domain’ Explores Severe Lack of Creator Credit

Comic books are being made into television and feature films more than ever these days. But do the original creators get their due credit? Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals, Daredevil) explores this subject in his new book “Public Domain.” Zdarsky originally launched Public Domain digitally via his Substack newsletter to his subscribers.

The Closet

More James Tynion IV Horror Lurks in ‘The Closet’

The monster hiding in the closet has been a longtime childhood fear, but James Tynion IV and Gavin Fullteron definitely brought the horror to adulthood in this comic. Thom is moving cross-country with his family and dragging the past along with them. His son, Jamie, is seeing monsters in the

Eight Billion Genies

Amazon Picks Up Rights to ‘Eight Billion Genies’

In a world where everyone gets a genie to give them one wish, Amazon has used that wish to get the rights to the hit comic “Eight Billion Genies.” Amazon announced they have purchased the rights to Eight Billion Genies, a comic series co-created by Charles Soule (Star Wars, Undiscovered

Independent Comics: Eight Billion Genies

‘Eight Billion Genies’ Is A Wish Come True

What if every single person on the planet got a genie and one wish? That is what Eight Billion Genies gives us with the latest limited series at Image Comics. The creative team behind Curse Words, Charles Soule and Ryan Browne, is back at it again. This duo really is

Fantastic Four

Hot Comics: Fantastic Four #94 and more!

Each month our co-host, Justin Soderberg discusses the hot comics on the market at the moment. On this episode, Soderberg reveals what’s hot right now including, Fantastic Four #94.

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