#107: Fred Kennedy

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On Episode 107 of the Capes and Tights Podcast, Justin Soderberg welcomes Fred Kennedy to the show to discuss his Image Comics series Dead Romans!⁠


Fearless Fred Kennedy is a radio host, actor, and comic book writer. He works for the Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge. He recently announced after two years of tinkering that his fan made Star Wars story podcast, Mud79, is coming back.


Kennedy, along with series artist Nick Marinkovich, letterer Andrew Thomas and editor Allison O’Toole, recently dropped the first two issues of Dead Romans at Image Comics.


Arminius, a Germanic prince raised in Rome, has sworn vengeance against the Empire that butchers his people. He wants to make a queen of the woman he loves, Honoria, a fellow slave. Now, fifty thousand Romans will die to give her a throne she never asked for…or wanted. Lush, beautiful illustrations bring to life a brutal tale of love and war from the birth of the Roman Empire.


The third issue of the Fred Kennedy’s Dead Romans hits comic shops on May 24, 2023.


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