#109: Curt Pires

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This week on the Capes and Tights Podcast, Justin Soderberg welcomes Curt Pires to the show to discuss his upcoming Mad Cave Studios series You’ve Been Cancelled!⁠


Curt Pires is a writer, producer, and creative based out of Calgary, Canada. Pires is responsible for Olympia (co-created by his father Tony Pires) and Indigo Children at Image Comics; Wyrd and It’s Only Teenage Wasteland at Dark Horse Comics,  Youth and New America at ComiXology and many more.


Multiple of his properties are in active development for TV and film with Pires writing and executive-producing on multiple of the projects. He has worked with studios such as Amazon, Picturestart, Fox / Disney, and many more.


In December 2021, Pires was named as part of the 2022 class of Forbes 30 under 30.


Pires joined the podcast to discuss his soon-to-be released comic book series You’ve Been Cancelled at Mad Cave Studios and much more.


Curt Pires’ You’ve Been Cancelled


In the near future, cancel culture means more than just losing your job…it could mean your life. The world’s premier entertainment event is cancelled – a live-streamed program where elite bounty hunters called cancellers kill individuals who society has voted to “cancel” following heinous actions or offenses. Our story follows Roland Endo, the world’s #1 ranked Canceller. Because of this status, Roland lives in a constant state of paranoia with a target on his back…


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