Paul Eaton of Galactic Comics and Collectibles returns to Capes and Tights to discuss the topic of graded comics with host Justin Soderberg.

Grading comics, also nicknamed slabbing comics, is when an impartial third-party examines comic books, assigns them a numeric grade and then seals them in a hard plastic case. The two most popular impartial third-parties include Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) and Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS).

Eaton and Soderberg discuss the reasons for submitting your books for grading or collecting graded comics in general. Is the additional cost worth it? Does it take away from the feel of a comic book? Is it the only way to hold the value?

Paul is the owner of Galactic Comics and Collectibles at 547 Hammond Street in Bangor, Maine. Paul joins Capes and Tights on occasion to discuss comics and more. Follow the shop on Whatnot!

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