Bonus: Top-10 Michael Del Mundo Covers

September 17, 2021

On this bonus episode of Capes and Tights, Justin Soderberg breaks down his top-10 favorite Michael Del Mundo comic book covers.

Del Mundo has a unique way of integrating his artwork in various ways that make you gaze at a comic book cover for a long period of time.

We think may have said it best, “Mike del Mundo’s work looks like a story. He gives the feeling of action with blurred lines. Mike draws in a bright colors. He provides a many details. He can tell a story without any words.”

Michael has been nominated four times for Eisner Awards, including three times for best comic book cover artist. He has also been nominated twice for Harvey Awards and seven times for Joe Shuster Awards with one win in 2013 for Outstanding Cover Artist.

This was a difficult list to compile for Soderberg and he admits he left off a few Michael Del Mundo covers, but watch or listen to the episode to see which made the list.

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