Bonus: WGA Strike Discussion with Eliza Clark

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On this bonus episode of the Capes and Tights Podcast, Justin Soderberg welcomes back television writer Eliza Clark to discuss the on-going Writers Guild of America Strike.


Eliza Clark is known for her work as writer on Rubicon (2010), The Killing (2012), Extant (2014), Animal Kingdom (2016) and most notably Y: The Last Man (2021). In addition to writing credit on Y: The Last Man, Clark served as show-runner and executive producer. The series aired 10 episodes on FX on HULU. The show received the sad news of a non-renewal prior to the series ending its first season.


Clark joins Soderberg to discuss the recent strike by the Writers Guild of America East and West. The union – representing 11,500 writers of film, television and other entertainment forms – has been on strike since May 2, primarily over royalties from streaming media among other things.


It can be a confusing time for those casual tv and film fans during these strikes and we hope Eliza’s discussion can shed some light on the situation and educate us all, Capes and Tights included.



Eliza Clark joined the Capes and Tights Podcast way back on Episode 14 to discuss Y: The Last Man and more!


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