A Unique and Engaging Horror Story in Where Monsters Lie

5 out of 5
Justin Soderberg 3 Min Read

#127: Jay Martin

Capes and Tights Podcast 2 Min Read
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Noir Meets Nightmares This December in Charred Remains

Spooky season is just around the corner, and so is the all-new Horror/thriller from Mad Cave Studios, Charred Remains! Written by Anthony Cleveland with art and colors by Andrea Mutti, and letters by the amazing Taylor Esposito.

Capes and Tights PR 2 Min Read
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Discover the Dark and Intriguing World of Destiny Gate #1

Writer Ryan Cady and artist Christian DiBari bring to life a dark and intriguing world in Destiny Gate #1 from Top Cow at Image Comics.

4 out of 5

Featured Comic Releases: Rumpus Room #1, Rare Flavours #1 and more!

This week in our featured comic book releases for September 20, 2023 we include Rumpus Room #1, Rare Flavours #1, and more!

Justin Soderberg 8 Min Read

Gripping Tale of Time Travel and Historical Reckoning in Earthdivers Vol. 1

Earthdivers, a comic series with a unique story, fantastic artwork, and a gripping narrative by Stephen Graham Jones, Davide Gianfelice and Joana Lafuente.

4 out of 5