#28: Douglas Wolk – All of the Marvels

This week on the podcast, the crew welcomes author Douglas Wolk to the program to discuss his book ‘All of the Marvels.’

Wolk is a comics writer, critic, journalist and teacher. He is the author of the Eisner Award-winning Reading Comics and the host of the podcast “The Voice of Latveria.” A National Arts Journalism Program Fellow, Wolk has written about comic books, graphic novels, pop music and technology for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Believer, Slate, and Pitchfork. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

All of the Marvels hit shelves and online on October 12, 2021 and is the first-ever full reckoning with Marvel Comics’ interconnected, half-million-page story, a revelatory guide to the “epic of epics”—and to the past sixty years of American culture—from a beloved authority on the subject who read all 27,000+ Marvel superhero comics and lived to tell the tale.

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Douglas Wolk has also published James Brown’s Live at the Apollo, and Judge Dredd: Mega City Two: City of Courts along with All of the Marvels and Reading Comics.

Check out All of the Marvels and pick up your copy today!

Visit Wolk’s website and follow him on Twitter.

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