#3: Comic Book Movies with Josh Moulton

Josh Moulton of Queen City Cinema Club joins Justin Soderberg and Adam Morrisette to discuss comic book movies.

In the past the crew has discussed their top-10 or 10-best movies of a specific genre or subject. However, the crew discussed the ups, downs and ins and outs of the world of movies based on comic books.

Most of the discussion revolves around the two big names in comics, Marvel and DC, but also discusses the shows and movies based on comics from a few various other publishers.

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Comic book movies have come along way from the original films and have no sense of slowing down.

Adam, Justin and Josh agree that as long as they continue to release comic themed movies, they will continue to watch. Additionally, the three discuss what they would love to see in the future!

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Listen to previous episode featuring Justin and Paul Eaton’s favorite comic book writers.

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